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Kaki King


November 4th 2014 Tuesday.





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Ian Booker and his Music.


Monday 2nd December 2013

Brocks Talent series2

ian booker

Ian is a local musician, I say local, that is local to Southampton, with an incredible amount of talent.He does excellent covers but he is in his element writing and singing his own material. I have been lucky enough to see him play at a couple of venues. I was that impressed I had to do a little research, and because of my findings I contacted him to ask if he would mind me doing a post on him and his music. May I suggest that everyone checks out his links to be able to enjoy more of what I have posted here.  




We all know one of the hardest things to do is actually letting people know you’re out there in the first place, so please do spread the word. As a singer songwriter myself, my era now beyond me, believe I know how difficult this can be. Even with all the modern technology.

I asked Ian if he would like to add some personal words and he replied with the statement  –

“Ah okay cool. Well I’m a singer/songwriter from  Southampton specializing in acoustic music with strong vocals at the forefront. My music is typically played with passion, and emotive by nature. I released by debut EP “Seven Notes” in August, and have just started work on my new EP which I’m looking forward to. I’ve been performing  in a wide variety of places especially over the last 6 months. I’m looking forward to further promoting myself and playing wherever I can during 2014. My point of contact is through my ianbookermusic fb page, but you can also find out more about me on my website (www.ianbookermusic.com) where there are links  to my you tube, Soundcloud,  Twitter etc. Cheers :)”

Lastly all I can say now is “I wish Ian all the success for the coming year and future. He certainly has the standard, the quality and ability to be a success. So please check him and his sites and especially his music and let him know.



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John Barleycorn [Sir?]


Saturday 21st September 2013.

John Barleycorn” is a British folksong. The character of John Barleycorn in the song is a personification of the important cereal crop barley and of the alcoholic beverages made from it, beer and whisky. In the song, John Barleycorn is represented as suffering attacks, death and indignities that correspond to the various stages of barley cultivation, such as reaping and malting. [via Wiki]


The picture above is of the Sir John Barleycorn public house, Wiki says that the character is fiction, but while being a citizen of the forest and living not too far away, we, forester that is,  were led to believe stories that Sir John Barleycorn had something to do with King Rufus. Of course nothing can be found to verify this. It is therefore nice to actually believe it as part of forest tales. The lyric of the song varies so much over the years so it is possible the songs will have different verses. This pub is in Cadnam, New Forest, and just up the road about a mile was where King Rufus was killed, and another pub called Sir Walter Tyrell. They both have distant links. Below I have put three versions of the song a traditional version and a couple of more modern. I did find quite a few more but opted for these as a good representation.

I love this Stevie Winwood version and his old bands version from the 70’s.

This Joe Walsh is brilliant, slightly unusual, but great.

And of course had to put a more traditional version. Hoping it will give you all a good view to the song itself.



Portland Town, your choice?


Friday 6th September 2013.

Music, what does it mean to you. Music to me opens the rivers of emotions, the pools of love and expression. We can actually talk through music, more or less say anything we wish. If we cannot find a song or a piece of music that says what we want, then we can write our own. No matter whether one can play an instrument we all have the ability to sing or hum or just write a few words to express our emotion of the moment.

A small piece of fun myself and a grand and dear friend of mine use to nominate, in turn, a song and then research it to find how many different versions and artists we could covering the particular song.

Today I challenge you all to find more of this song.. I have included a few fabulous versions.The song is a protest war song, not quite Dylan style.

If you refer to my first paragraph, you will notice the different versions by different artists and can they  ignite different emotions in you as well,as they did with me.  Even though in reality it is the same song, but different peoples take on it. Please take a little time and listen to all of them and let me know your favourite and the emotion that surfaces. Thank you.

So come on then guys let me start this first small challenge.  

Firstly we start with the writer Derroll Adams, 1957 

Second is Peter Seeger, well actually Ramblin’ Jack Elliot singing this.  Next…


Next..Joan Baez..

And Finally my fourth and last…Them.

Just a little word of warning my friends, if you do do a research, which I hope you do, beware because there is another song called Portland Town. It a very good song but it is not the same as what I have posted.

Go on go for it.




Weekly Video Challenge [cheating]: Focus


Friday 23rd August 2013.

Weekly Photo /Video Challenge: Focus

I went to see this band in the 70’s at Bournemouth and apart from the usual fab concert and thinking how brilliant they were. I was completely knocked back, because while playing a number the lead guitarist had  a string broke on him. But this did not stop him, he continued with the number and in the meantime removed the old one, replaced with a new one and tuned it and finished the song. Most would not have noticed, but me sitting close by and being a guitar player did notice and I was gobsmacked. Say no more.

The one below is far better quality of the Hocus Pocus number. hope you enjoy



Welcome to Brocks Music Shed.[BMS]


Thursday 15th August 2013.

Hey Man, Drop in For Jam!

A year ago this site started under a different name and has been redesigned, but music is still the foundation.


New Face, New Name, But the music is still ..

Number 1…

All my life music has been a part of me. Most of the time I took it for granted, and accepted and enjoyed it for what it was. All styles are to my liking I am a person with an open mind. If my ears like what I hear, and my mind absorbs the sounds then I become part of the sounds. It matters not what the genre, whether it jazz, blues, musicals, pop I was  happy within myself. As I developed I did start to have preferences, but this did not affect my music limitations.

 Just before my sixteenth birthday I took up the guitar, and it engulfed me. I had a fabulous time playing, learning and discovering a whole new world. As I progressed and my ability and understanding became very proficient, I wanted more, strumming and picking in my bedroom was not enough. I decided to venture out and try to meet new people, and to play in public.  Instead of learning how to play everyone else’s music, although I learnt some, I preferred to write my own. I was already writing poetry and lyrics, so I thought I was on a head start.

This blog has been ignored by me  for far too long, I think it has a lot to offer, a variety light-hearted and loving music. In fact any style one wishes to hear or request. I was not sure as to what to do with it, and this is why  I have left it dormant trying to think of a new life or new line for it. But really, after great deal of thought  I realised there is no real way of doing this, because music is the foundation of this site, and of course people lives, and since its birth I have noticed others popping up, doing similar. So maybe a trend it has started with this initial fabulous idea. 

So today it is just like a new beginning.

Do you ever listen to the radio or a disco or go to gig and here songs that originally meant nothing, but as the years passed and you hear it again, it suddenly tugs those memory strings. Like me for example, a few years ago I saw Hermans Hermits, they meant nothing to me in their hey day, poppy commercial chart rubbish, we all use to say, but seeing and hearing them they suddenly ignited nice and beautiful memories from the day. I also even said they were very good.

Any suggestions or advice or requests please us here at Brocks know.



 Hippy Gerry.  Brocksss

A Commando Caddo Request ~ The Last leaf


For Caddo Veil upon her request. The Last Leaf by The Cascades.

For You Caddo~

Please Note that all three songs here are original works by John Gummoe.}

Th song request by Caddo  is The Cascade’s The Last Leaf, with its beautifully written lyrics and harmonies for which this group was known for. There was a question put forth with this request as to whether The Cascades version is the original, It is, Written by lead singer/songwriter John Gummoe it is a song that to many in the U.S. still today represents the era of the USA‘s involvement in the Vietnam war. This group heralds from the ((USA ) San Diego California area where the USA Marine Corps/Naval Base, “Camp Pendleton” is still today. For the area of San Diego California and the west coast of the United States this is an iconic group. This song was listened to over and over by many waiting to ship out to sea, or waiting for a love one to ship back home from the war, it was getting plenty of air time locally. The Last leaf was a follow-up to the groups earlier hits, but not even it matched the success of their big hits.

We do hope you enjoy Caddo~

Bit of Biography:  In 1960, the SilverStrands were a group of musicians of United States Navy personnel serving on the USS Jason (AR-8) based in San Diego, California and overseas  in Sasebo, Japan. This group, then known to many of the servicemen and the local inhabitants as The Silver Strands were playing at local venues all around town. Their friend, John Gummoe, also aboard the Jason was their biggest fan and soon began acting as their manager. Gummoe had the band playing 5 nights a week before long and had also been working up some duets with band mate Dave Wilson.

The SiverSounds then recruited John Gummoe as a full on band member, they all left the Navy to become the new civilian group The Thunder Notes, the Cascades’ original name. The groups members include: John Claude “John” Gummoe ( singer/songwriter, lead vocals), Eddie Snyder (guitar), Von Lynch (keyboards), Ronald Lynch (keyboards, saxophone), Dave Stevens (bass) and Jim Owens ( AKA Dave Szabo) (drums). Their first single was an instrumental, “Thunder Rhythm” on the Del-Fi label,
The group then began to be more interested in vocal harmonies and were said to be influenced by the California Beach Boys. Their recorded demos tapes ended up with  producer Barry De Vorzon at Valiant Records, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. who signed them and also changed their name to The Cascades – inspired  by a nearby box of dish-washing detergent. (I did not make this up!)

The Cascades  “There’s A Reason” became a regional hit in summer 1962. The Cascades went to Gold Star Studios in Los Angles and recorded the song which Gummoe had written in his Navy days while on watch. The back-up musicians on the recording included studio session musicians ”  The Wrecking Crew” consisting of Jim Owens (Dave ] on drums, Carol Kaye, on bass, and now legend country-pop singer/songwriter Glen Campbell on guitar. Arrangement by Perry Botkin.

In  November 1962  “Rhythm of the Rain” was released and became the groups most well-known song. It rose to #3 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart  March 9, 1963. This still popular song  became a major hit in over 80 countries. It peaked at #5 in the UK Singles Chart. “Rhythm of the Rain” sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc. The song spent two weeks at number one on the US Easy Listening charts,  It also made a top 5 hit in the United Kingdom, and a number-one single in Ireland. In 1999, BMI (Broadcast Music Inc) listed the song as the ninth most performed song on radio/TV in the 20th century, also an extremely popular cover tune. This Cascades’ recording was used in the soundtrack of the 1979 film Quadrophenia and included in its soundtrack album.

The Cascades perform in a 2006 concert

The group continued recording, producing an album, and several further singles. The Cascades did continue to receive major radio airplay in their hometown, San Diego. The Cascades  song “Maybe The Rain Will Fall” did fairly well on San Diego radio charts in the summer of 1969.
The group stayed  together and performed for some years, playing in local San Diego clubs like The Cinnamon Cinder, and at other times, touring widely. John Gummoe left the group in 1967 to pursue a solo career and later formed the band Kentucky Express.  A reunion of The Cascades with John Gummoe, Jim  Owen, and  Eddy Snyder as the remaining original members were held a few times over the ensuing years. They split up again in 1975. Snyder later recorded country music under the name Eddie Preston, John Gummoe recorded a dance mix of “Rhythm of the Rain” in 1990. The group reformed in 1995, 2004, and again in 2006. The three original members are often doing charity gigs as reunion shows in the San Diego area.


Resource: Wikipedia
The Cascades
Origin    San Diego, USA
Genres    Pop music
Years active    1960 to 1975
Reunions in 1995, 2006 and 2012
Labels    Valiant (US), Warner (Canada)
Past members
John Gummoe
Eddie Snyder
David Szabo
Dave Stevens
Dave Wilson
Chart singles
Year    Title    U.S. Hot 100[9]    UK Singles Chart[12
1963    “Rhythm of the Rain”    3    5
“The Last Leaf”    60    –
“Shy Girl”    91    –
“For Your Sweet Love”    86    –
1969    “Maybe The Rain Will Fall”    61    –

Rhythm of The Rain (1963)
What Goes On Inside (1968)

Caddo we hope this gave you what it is you are looking for and then some, Thank you for the support to Cyklopps, Rides Again. Come on back with another request any time. We’d love to do it again for you.

For an interview with John Gummoe just click on link.