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Kaki King


November 4th 2014 Tuesday.





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Southern Girl.


Monday 28th April 2014

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 header-brocks-120.jpg This week I have on offer some really nice tunes, slightly leaning towards the country style. They are however very pleasing to the ear. There are many other titles of the same and varying music styles if you would like to check them out, but please enjoy my offerings. Thank you.


The video above is my favourite, just love this style, the sound, the beat almost everything about it. I first heard it made me want to listen to more of Tim McGraw.

 What is it with this sound, I cannot get enough. It seems strange to me, a Brit loving this American style of country music. Hope ye’ all enjoy it as much as me.

Another song that makes me see and think of nothing but sunshine. Being a guitar player I would so love to play this type of music, but it just does not suit a Brit. When I was gigging back in the 70’s-80’s I played in band that played country music, but it was what we musician types would call 3 chord wonders. Put you to sleep music, definitely if one played it. 


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Harp Guitars.


Sunday 9th March 2014.

Something Different for you. 

[I was going to post a tune by me, but did not want to upset my followers.  hehee!]

Today I found these in my drafts, and have been there for a long while and here is something very different from the normal run of the mill music. I know we all have little time to spare on blogs but these video’s are well worth the time.

I am sure if you listen to the music here and judge them for what they are you will be knocked off your feet. Whats more there are many more to listen to with their links at the end of each video. So please enjoy, I am sure you will.

This second one is pretty special, the video is brilliant.

Slightly longer video below but well worth the time to listen.


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Watch out for my local talent series.   Brocks Talent series2


Ian Booker and his Music.


Monday 2nd December 2013

Brocks Talent series2

ian booker

Ian is a local musician, I say local, that is local to Southampton, with an incredible amount of talent.He does excellent covers but he is in his element writing and singing his own material. I have been lucky enough to see him play at a couple of venues. I was that impressed I had to do a little research, and because of my findings I contacted him to ask if he would mind me doing a post on him and his music. May I suggest that everyone checks out his links to be able to enjoy more of what I have posted here.  




We all know one of the hardest things to do is actually letting people know you’re out there in the first place, so please do spread the word. As a singer songwriter myself, my era now beyond me, believe I know how difficult this can be. Even with all the modern technology.

I asked Ian if he would like to add some personal words and he replied with the statement  –

“Ah okay cool. Well I’m a singer/songwriter from  Southampton specializing in acoustic music with strong vocals at the forefront. My music is typically played with passion, and emotive by nature. I released by debut EP “Seven Notes” in August, and have just started work on my new EP which I’m looking forward to. I’ve been performing  in a wide variety of places especially over the last 6 months. I’m looking forward to further promoting myself and playing wherever I can during 2014. My point of contact is through my ianbookermusic fb page, but you can also find out more about me on my website (www.ianbookermusic.com) where there are links  to my you tube, Soundcloud,  Twitter etc. Cheers :)”

Lastly all I can say now is “I wish Ian all the success for the coming year and future. He certainly has the standard, the quality and ability to be a success. So please check him and his sites and especially his music and let him know.



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