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Roughsea’s, Another Spot.


August 24th 2012 Friday

I can never forget that when I see my dog covered in blue plumbago flowers, as all I think is he                                                   ‘has flowers in my fur’ …..    and as for another blog post – the wonderful Joan

My father introduced me to Joan Baez. My father, the radical trade union representative in his youth, who didn’t like the politics of Joan Baez when he was older. He hated her singing ‘We shall overcome’ but couldn’t resist the beauty of her voice.

So, when he was standing on his market stall, next to someone who sold records, he bought two Joan Baez LPs. I still have them. I can’t resist listening. ‘Once I had a sweetheart’ is one of the saddest songs I have ever heard.

Taken from an earlier post of mine on Clouds


Choose whichever Joanie one you want. I think Te Ador is a bit more cheerful.

Come on all you old hippies remember and tell us your story……

Gerry A /C  September 2012