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David Bowie [1947-2016]


Monday 11th January 2016

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Bowie during the Heathen Tour in August 2002
Born David Robert Jones
8 January 1947
Brixton, London, United Kingdom
Died 10 January 2016 (aged 69)
Cause of death Cancer
Nationality British
  • Singer
  • songwriter
  • musician
  • record producer
  • actor
  • artist
Years active 1962–2016
  • Duncan Jones (born 1971)
  • Alexandria “Lexi” Zahra Jones (born 2000)
Musical career
Associated acts


Maddy Prior.


Tuesday 18th February 2014.

Maddy+Prior Maddy Prior.

Born in Blackpool, Prior moved in her teens to St Albans, where she befriended the young Donovan Leitch and Mac MacLeod in The Cock pub. She later formed a duo with MacLeod called ‘Mac & Maddy’. She became a roadie for visiting American musicians, including Reverend Gary Davis. They gave her useful advice about singing British folk songs instead of American songs.

Maddy’s father, Allan Prior, was co-creator of the police drama Z-Cars, and wrote Stookie, a 6-part series for television, about a boy with his arm in a sling. Maddy sang the title song, which was released as a single in 1985. It reappeared on the Steeleye Span album A Rare Collection 1972 – 1996

Background information
Born 14 August 1947 (age 66)
Origin BlackpoolLancashire, England
Genres Folk rockElectric folkFolk
Occupations Singer, Dancer
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1967–present
Labels Park
Associated acts Steeleye Span
Maddy Prior and Tim Hart
Brass Monkey
Silly Sisters
The Carnival Band
June Tabor
Abbie Lathe
Rose Kemp (Prior’s daughter)

The song below was a big hit for them at the time [1976]

For more info –



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Heads, Hands and Feet.


Saturday 19th October 2013


This band has been one of my favourites from the start. I became aware of them because of the music but being a guitar player the lead guitar player in this band was and is one of my top ten list of guitar players. Albert Lee.

One day in 1976 I was walking through the streets of Twickenham in Middlesex England. I was looking for a particular music shop, one that sells vinyls and cassette tapes. I was looking for Old Soldiers Never Die cassette by Heads Hands and Feet. Not only did I find the shop, I found the album, [vinyl] i also found another cassette of a band that I loved,, Elastique by Stretch. Maybe a post for the future. You all will love them also.

The above is from the Album ‘Tracks’ Hope you like them enough to check out for more, they have done some really great stuff. Enjoy my friends and Thank you.

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Spice/ Uriah Heep


Thursday 22nd August 2013..



Back in the late 60’s, [’68-69′] and early 70’s there hall near to where I used to live, actually it was in the neighboring town. Here they used to have regular gigs, I cannot remember for sure whether it was weekly of monthly. But my friends and I went there every time and here we saw many bands and some that went onto become big and well known bands.  This band is and was one of the biggest, and still gigging

Before!! Spice..

This band as we first knew them as Spice, did become friends to us at the time. We went to a gig of theirs when they later became Uriah Heep and we got invited back stage, which was an experience. 

The Landsdowne Tapes recording was named probably after the home area of one of the members Lee Kerslake, who came from the town of Bournemouth. Which was not far from my home of the time. A part of the town is called Landsdowne road and Landsdowne Square. If I remember right there was a recording studio based here, but I cannot swear my memory is correct. 

Before!! Spice..

previously unreleased material of the pre-Uriah Heep band.

Spice (1967-1969, originally The Stalkers) was the immediate precursor to English rock band Uriah Heep, featuring David Byron (vocals), Mick Box (guitar), Paul Newton (bass guitar), and Alex Napier (drums) (Napier was a replacement for drummer Nigel Pegrum; Pegrum would later join folk rock stalwarts Steeleye Span). The group changed their name to Uriah Heep on the inclusion in late 1969 of organist Ken Hensley, formerly of The Gods and Toe Fat. Drummer Lee Kerslake, who had played with Hensley in both bands, would follow him into Uriah Heep in 1972.


After!!  Uriah Heep.


Spice released one single, “What About The Music” (b/w “In Love”) in 1968, eventually transforming into Uriah Heep during the recording of their first full-length album. Songs recorded under the Spice name and line-up have surfaced on:

  • The Lansdowne Tapes (compilation of recordings by Spice, and outtakes from the first three Uriah Heep albums) – Recorded 1968-1971, released 1994

  • A Time of Revelation (four-disc anthology of Uriah Heep material, including recordings by Spice) – Recorded 1968-1995, released 1996

Spice recordings on these compilations consisted of


“Born In A Trunk” (vocal and instrumental versions),


“I Want You Babe”,

“In Love”,

“Magic Lantern”,

“Schoolgirl”, and

“What About The Music”.

Additionally, two of the songs released on the first Uriah Heep album were recorded by the Spice line-up before Hensley’s inclusion, with Colin Wood appearing on keyboards (“Come Away Melinda” and “Wake Up (Set Your Sights)”).

I have the lead guitarist Mick Box as a friend on Facebook so I am able to keep up with their gigging, which at the moment is mostly in Europe. 

For more of their history then please visit. –   [official website]

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New Widget – Added Approach


4th February 2013 Monday

We here at cyklopps12.jpg have just designed a new Widget Icon, to advertise the era of which we are promoting in music, and stories from that period. This era was also known as love decade and peace marches and many songs of peace and anti-war were a very popular topic for this period.

We are wanting and promoting people’s music and memories,, so if any of you would like to tell us about a story or incident, whatever you wish and relate it to music. Particular artist or song. We will be happy to make a post out of it for you, and publicise your own Blog at the same time. Also the other part of our service we are offering to you our loyal followers or new followers. We will always welcome new followers. Is if you are struggling on a particular song or artist and want to find out info on them, song or artist, with your info that you give us we will research it for you and see if we reach a suitable conclusion to your memory or request. We all have some hidden or forgotten memory that just needs a prompt to bring it to the front of your memory banks. Tell us what you know and we will endeavor to find for you.


Above is our new widget which can be found in out sidebar or in the page titled Widgets and Icons. You can if you wish use them, take them and help us promote this feel good factor.. So come on guys you must have some story to tell, and relate a beautiful music to it. Let us know and we will promote here for you..


I hope the  music on here has given you an insight to our intentions good old-fashioned quality music. No matter to styles genre,, ranging from pop to blues, to Jazz to Rock and Roll.. it is your choice my friends so please support and send us your requests or stories.

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