Born 1st August 2012 under the name of CyKlopps Rides Again.

Updated 1st August 2013 renamed  Brocks Music Shed.

This site is mild look at all forms of music from my era and if I like any music and artists and bands from this time, then I might include them as well.

I just want to log a little piece of my history, and in doing so hopefully will jog  a few of you and your memories. This being the case I would like to invite you to join in and offer to post it on this site.

I grew up in the time of hippies and long hair and preaching ‘Make love not war’ slogans and we all wore tie dye tee shirts and  frayed bottom jeans. We all use wear sterling silver jewellery with varying range of styles CND symbols.

If you follow this blog of mine and join in then maybe we can relive this fabulous era, an era with meaning and reason. Protest and protest songs and marches. You name it, then I can include it.

Update:  the changes apart from the name is that the music is now open to all and  for all, so no limits. It is the music that dominates. All I ask is that you Enjoy and please participate. 

Gerry…. 2013

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