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Monday 28th April 2014

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 header-brocks-120.jpg This week I have on offer some really nice tunes, slightly leaning towards the country style. They are however very pleasing to the ear. There are many other titles of the same and varying music styles if you would like to check them out, but please enjoy my offerings. Thank you.


The video above is my favourite, just love this style, the sound, the beat almost everything about it. I first heard it made me want to listen to more of Tim McGraw.

 What is it with this sound, I cannot get enough. It seems strange to me, a Brit loving this American style of country music. Hope ye’ all enjoy it as much as me.

Another song that makes me see and think of nothing but sunshine. Being a guitar player I would so love to play this type of music, but it just does not suit a Brit. When I was gigging back in the 70’s-80’s I played in band that played country music, but it was what we musician types would call 3 chord wonders. Put you to sleep music, definitely if one played it. 


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    • I agree with you on the first being favourite… I would say Kj try it a little more it does grow on long as it is not typical country/western stuff. thanks again and welcome. 😉

  1. I do like a lot country music, I like the warmth and the laid back feeling to it, and its perfect for driving to.
    I wouldn’t say it doesn’t suit a Brit. If music is sung from the heart, and it’s country that’s in your heart, it will sound good whatever your nationality.

    • I agree about music from the heart, but this style is not what us Brits have experienced.. Our as in Brits country is good but different… Thank you Vicky for your comment and Always welcome… 😉

  2. What is it? I left home in Hampshire at 19, when country was totally de trop, and discovered it for myself doing the folk circuits of Cambridgeshire thanks to many USAAF personnel at the local airbases. And now I see my old mate Cobbie was a closet country fan all the time. Could have told me! History repeats, and my youngest son is a great country fan now, albeit more of the traddie stuff. Great music, keep it coming, where do you find it all?

    • Hey again Phil, nice to see you are about and catching up,, some of my favourites are courtyard hounds and dixie chicks.. I am still playing and now doing the ocasional folk club.. really great to hear from you… Welcome and pop back….

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