Heads, Hands and Feet.


Saturday 19th October 2013


This band has been one of my favourites from the start. I became aware of them because of the music but being a guitar player the lead guitar player in this band was and is one of my top ten list of guitar players. Albert Lee.

One day in 1976 I was walking through the streets of Twickenham in Middlesex England. I was looking for a particular music shop, one that sells vinyls and cassette tapes. I was looking for Old Soldiers Never Die cassette by Heads Hands and Feet. Not only did I find the shop, I found the album, [vinyl] i also found another cassette of a band that I loved,, Elastique by Stretch. Maybe a post for the future. You all will love them also.

The above is from the Album ‘Tracks’ Hope you like them enough to check out for more, they have done some really great stuff. Enjoy my friends and Thank you.

thank you87BMS2



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  1. Gerry, I don’t think I’d ever heard of these guys before. That first number really shows off his guitar playing. Their stuff sounds a little like country-rock. Should reach people in both fields.

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