Days of Summer


Wednesday 9th October 2013.

My little piece of the last and dying part of my summer. My porch and rocking chair is on the verge of being made redundant for the next few months. Enjoy these wonderful songs of differing sounds and era. As an Englishman it is a little bit disappointing that I could not find any British artist to fulfill my want for this post. Hope you enjoy my selection, I love them all.

Canned Heat is an American blues/boogie rock band that formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1965. The group has been noted for its own interpretations of blues material as well as for efforts to promote …Wikipedia

OriginLos Angeles, California, United State

MembersAdolfo de la ParraDale SpaldingAlan Wilson, More

Lead singersAlan Wilson (1965–1970), Bob Hite (1965–1981)

The Decemberists are an indie folk rock band from Portland, Oregon, United States, fronted by singer/songwriter Colin Meloy. The other members of the band are Chris Funk, Jenny Conlee, Nate Query, and John Moen. Wikipedia

Lead singerColin Meloy (2000–)

OriginPortland, Oregon, United States

MembersColin MeloyJenny ConleeChris FunkJohn Moen, More

Record labelsRough Trade RecordsCapitol RecordsHush Records,Kill Rock Stars


Edward Raymond ‘Eddie’ Cochran was an American rock and roll pioneer who in his brief career had a lasting influence on rock music. Wikipedia

Born: October 3, 1938, Albert Lea, Minnesota, United States

Died: April 17, 1960, Bath, Somerset England

Last albumSummertime Blues




October 2013.


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  1. These are all great for me with summer just around the corner. When I think of British songs about summer, there’s only one name comes to mind. Cliff.

    • We do have some great talent, but for Summer feeling not a lot,, Cliff is one and the Mungo Jerry song, which is a little boring and over played,, but as I said to another comment I might try and do a Summer one with just British.. and Cliff will be one. 😉 welcome.

  2. Hi Cobbie … it’s me, maxi. You have liked my posts so many times I just had to stop by. We must be close in age ’cause your taste in music is sooo like mine.

    Like your blog and thank you so much for all your visits to my blog. Sorry your porch chair is gettin’ put to the side. See ya soon…

    blessings ~ maxi

    • Hi Maxi, thank you for stopping by and and leaving a wonderful comment,,,and I have enjoyed my visits to your site.. My porch chair is only while the weather is chilly so will be looking out from the window.. appreciate your visit and always welcome… 😉 and look forward to next time…..

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