The Ship in Distress.


Thursday 12th September 2013.

The Ship in Distress…Traditional Folk song…


Something different for you all, folk songs that are traced from my part of the world.  This one is based around the waters of Isle of Wight. Some of the most treacherous waters in the world.

If you like this music please let me know.  I personally have taken to it and thought I take a change from my usual style. Now I say change my usual style, well maybe this is part of my style. So please guys enjoy thank you.

Ship in distress

Ship in Distress written
Gerry A/C 2013 Brocksss

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  1. I very much like the history that you provided. What a fabulous ship tale, as horrid is the thought I must say given their choice I am grateful that one succumbed to the sea saltwater, leaving the decision made.
    Can these tales be passed down continually through the generation’s like they should be?
    I only wish and pray so, and that more people will pick up the gauntlet (couldn’t resist using the word) and continue story telling this old tales we should be privy to as you share with us My Kind Sir. .

    By the way, still like Marc Almond’s version best of the two, I did some research to listen to different versions also after you made me aware. From haunting to melodic, and in between they do evoke different emotions indeed.

    • Apparently, my lady. the tales only passed down generations by word of mouth and song, and over the years get changed and no one is ever sure if what one sings and records today are the original. It is quite fascinating that they even survive the years for modern folk singers to sing. The main thing that gets altered is the place names and topics, and sometimes peoples names..It is very interesting when one can see how history is recorded in song… My lady thank you for this wonderful comment and as always very welcome..

    • Patti thank you very much for stopping by,,this style is a little bit more desired,, and I am inclined to agree with you about listening all the time,,,, mostly the history behind them are fascinating,,,So glad you enjoyed this anyway,, ..normal service will resume 😉

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