Portland Town, your choice?


Friday 6th September 2013.

Music, what does it mean to you. Music to me opens the rivers of emotions, the pools of love and expression. We can actually talk through music, more or less say anything we wish. If we cannot find a song or a piece of music that says what we want, then we can write our own. No matter whether one can play an instrument we all have the ability to sing or hum or just write a few words to express our emotion of the moment.

A small piece of fun myself and a grand and dear friend of mine use to nominate, in turn, a song and then research it to find how many different versions and artists we could covering the particular song.

Today I challenge you all to find more of this song.. I have included a few fabulous versions.The song is a protest war song, not quite Dylan style.

If you refer to my first paragraph, you will notice the different versions by different artists and can they  ignite different emotions in you as well,as they did with me.  Even though in reality it is the same song, but different peoples take on it. Please take a little time and listen to all of them and let me know your favourite and the emotion that surfaces. Thank you.

So come on then guys let me start this first small challenge.  

Firstly we start with the writer Derroll Adams, 1957 

Second is Peter Seeger, well actually Ramblin’ Jack Elliot singing this.  Next…


Next..Joan Baez..

And Finally my fourth and last…Them.

Just a little word of warning my friends, if you do do a research, which I hope you do, beware because there is another song called Portland Town. It a very good song but it is not the same as what I have posted.

Go on go for it.





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  1. Well my dear friend I just love this post, love the researching of one tune done many ways and learning the the differences always teaches me something more about the music and the lyrics. I know you know for me it has to be hands down Miss Joan Baez. Who else but that iconic voice would touch my heart so much with this my town’s song?
    I am so humbled and honored still that you discovered this fabulous folk song about & from my Portland that I had no knowledge of.
    I do very much like Seeger & Elliot’s cover, but love, love, love how Them covered it. I’d like to know the story behind how that happened.
    It fascinates me. I love the blues-rock vibe they created with it.
    One of your greatest post my Kind Sir.

    • And my lady as you know these songs already, do you agree how each one in their own right creates a different emotion. Joan baez a slightly sad feel feeling while Them’ is a little more uplifting.. I will need to reblog this to see if I get more interest…But the point is my lady it is nice to see you and read your comments as always welcome.. 😉

    • yes I agree but the band Them makes it a little more upbeat and fun to listen to,, while the writer of the song is completely different and I actually accept his better because I mostly think the original is the best… not always though…

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