The ‘Hounds’ and ‘Dixies’ [the best.]


Friday 30th August 2013

The best females in the business.  I fell in love them years ago but lost them, and even though a newsletter was being sent I seem to be not getting any. But last with a friends help I remembered them and their names and started my love affair with their beautiful sounds. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 

I have included some links for your research etc, plus the bands main websites if you wish to seek more. I do not want to put too much reading on these posts, I believe it becomes a little of put off.   [Main Website]

Court Yard Hounds
Maguire and Robeson 2010.jpg

Maguire, left, and Robison, right, performing
at Antone’s, SXSW, Austin, Texas, March 17, 2010

………………………………………………………………………………………..   [Main Website]

For more information click the link and enjoy.

The Dixie Chicks
Dixie Chicks in Austin, Texas.jpg

Dixie Chicks at Frank Erwin Center in Austin,
Texas during the Accidents & Accusations Tour 2006





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  1. I really love this free music you send out. It’s stuff I wouldn’t go looking for – I don’t have enough hours in the day, but I can click on your little offerings and carry on my work. And you always pick music that’s enjoyable, not weird. Lol. Thanks for the Dixie Chicks.

  2. I love the Chicks. I haven’t listened much to any of their individual albums, but know I’d love them too. I admit I was a bit mad at them for a while, but then to hear their version of the backlash in the song, I felt for their perspective. They’re touring again this year as the Chicks though! 🙂 Woot woot!

  3. Had to see what you were doing here today in the shed. So happy I did before venturing out & about. Think you know how I feel about The Chicks.
    The Hounds took some time for me to get over Natalie Maines not being there, but I was getting there through some of my fave Hound tunes. Sunshine & See you in Spring with Jakeb Dylan were helping me warm up to them.
    After this interview you shared I came away with a different perspective,
    I enjoyed very much the ladies interview here My kind Sir, learning what is behind the lyrics of Amelita touched my heart. I had no clue what the story was about. Interesting and moves them up in my respect even more.
    I like that there is still The Chicks & the Court Yard Hounds too.My latest Chicks song I am learning is Top of the World. Love that ballad.
    Anyone who can split their talents into two separate identities has me as a fan.
    Great post my old & sentimental friend. ~ xoxo

    • Thank you my lady for this lovely response,, and yes they are my numero uno, and I like both equally so, their styles and sounds hit my heart and my soul.. and when I received this interview via newsletter I did think a little more about the hounds. They have been my listening for a long while and it was partly you last year that rejuvenated them.. so thank you for that..more style to come. 😉

      • Sharing music with one who knows you so well musically is treasured gift of love and friendship.
        For you, I, and the ladies from the chicks (and now their band the hounds) we share a bond that is vibrated through the strings of their instruments and the vocals of their lyrics. They indeed touch our hearts and souls.
        We are blessed to share in that I think.

  4. The Dixie Chicks were actually Hallie’s first concert, when she was 3. We went to San Antonio, Texas to see them. Hallie was a HUGE fan, but so were we, until Natalie angered us with her stupidity, but then we all get stupid from time to time, don’t we? The Hounds sound awesome, and we occasionally listen to the Chicks old dvds we bought years ago. Do still love the sounds. Thanks for sharing this, sweet friend. *hug*

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