Weekly Video Challenge [cheating]: Focus


Friday 23rd August 2013.

Weekly Photo /Video Challenge: Focus

I went to see this band in the 70’s at Bournemouth and apart from the usual fab concert and thinking how brilliant they were. I was completely knocked back, because while playing a number the lead guitarist had  a string broke on him. But this did not stop him, he continued with the number and in the meantime removed the old one, replaced with a new one and tuned it and finished the song. Most would not have noticed, but me sitting close by and being a guitar player did notice and I was gobsmacked. Say no more.

The one below is far better quality of the Hocus Pocus number. hope you enjoy




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    • Hey Gemma thank you so much, and good point I think those days brill’ they were but mostly as you say out of Focus.. but we all loved the era,,, 😉 welcome and thank you

  5. Always nice to see Focus! Jan Akkerman moved on from there with a large catalog. I saw them at a ‘reunion’ in the nineties at Northsea jazz in The Hague. Jan Akkerman and Thijs van Leer do not talk but the music was great. Glad I saw them

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