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The ‘Hounds’ and ‘Dixies’ [the best.]


Friday 30th August 2013

The best females in the business.  I fell in love them years ago but lost them, and even though a newsletter was being sent I seem to be not getting any. But last with a friends help I remembered them and their names and started my love affair with their beautiful sounds. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 

I have included some links for your research etc, plus the bands main websites if you wish to seek more. I do not want to put too much reading on these posts, I believe it becomes a little of put off.   [Main Website]

Court Yard Hounds
Maguire and Robeson 2010.jpg

Maguire, left, and Robison, right, performing
at Antone’s, SXSW, Austin, Texas, March 17, 2010

………………………………………………………………………………………..   [Main Website]

For more information click the link and enjoy.

The Dixie Chicks
Dixie Chicks in Austin, Texas.jpg

Dixie Chicks at Frank Erwin Center in Austin,
Texas during the Accidents & Accusations Tour 2006





First Award for Music Shed.


Monday 26th August 2013

Thank you Mira from

The Rules yes Bloody Rules

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My seven interesting things, a matter of opinion. I say…

1. I have participated in 4 Nano’s 2 x Nanowrimo and 2 x Campnano. and completed.

2. I am a rebel at heart, do not like rules and authority.

3. I once had hair down to my waist,, well just above.

4.  I have two other blogs besides this one. ‘Restawyle’ and ‘Writing Hell’

5. I have written a small booklet of poetry and in process of compiling another.

6. I have 4 brothers and a sister. All of whom we do not get on.

7. My granddad ran away to join the Navy in first world war, he was underage, and got in. And survived.

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Weekly Video Challenge [cheating]: Focus


Friday 23rd August 2013.

Weekly Photo /Video Challenge: Focus

I went to see this band in the 70’s at Bournemouth and apart from the usual fab concert and thinking how brilliant they were. I was completely knocked back, because while playing a number the lead guitarist had  a string broke on him. But this did not stop him, he continued with the number and in the meantime removed the old one, replaced with a new one and tuned it and finished the song. Most would not have noticed, but me sitting close by and being a guitar player did notice and I was gobsmacked. Say no more.

The one below is far better quality of the Hocus Pocus number. hope you enjoy



Spice/ Uriah Heep


Thursday 22nd August 2013..



Back in the late 60’s, [’68-69′] and early 70’s there hall near to where I used to live, actually it was in the neighboring town. Here they used to have regular gigs, I cannot remember for sure whether it was weekly of monthly. But my friends and I went there every time and here we saw many bands and some that went onto become big and well known bands.  This band is and was one of the biggest, and still gigging

Before!! Spice..

This band as we first knew them as Spice, did become friends to us at the time. We went to a gig of theirs when they later became Uriah Heep and we got invited back stage, which was an experience. 

The Landsdowne Tapes recording was named probably after the home area of one of the members Lee Kerslake, who came from the town of Bournemouth. Which was not far from my home of the time. A part of the town is called Landsdowne road and Landsdowne Square. If I remember right there was a recording studio based here, but I cannot swear my memory is correct. 

Before!! Spice..

previously unreleased material of the pre-Uriah Heep band.

Spice (1967-1969, originally The Stalkers) was the immediate precursor to English rock band Uriah Heep, featuring David Byron (vocals), Mick Box (guitar), Paul Newton (bass guitar), and Alex Napier (drums) (Napier was a replacement for drummer Nigel Pegrum; Pegrum would later join folk rock stalwarts Steeleye Span). The group changed their name to Uriah Heep on the inclusion in late 1969 of organist Ken Hensley, formerly of The Gods and Toe Fat. Drummer Lee Kerslake, who had played with Hensley in both bands, would follow him into Uriah Heep in 1972.


After!!  Uriah Heep.


Spice released one single, “What About The Music” (b/w “In Love”) in 1968, eventually transforming into Uriah Heep during the recording of their first full-length album. Songs recorded under the Spice name and line-up have surfaced on:

  • The Lansdowne Tapes (compilation of recordings by Spice, and outtakes from the first three Uriah Heep albums) – Recorded 1968-1971, released 1994

  • A Time of Revelation (four-disc anthology of Uriah Heep material, including recordings by Spice) – Recorded 1968-1995, released 1996

Spice recordings on these compilations consisted of


“Born In A Trunk” (vocal and instrumental versions),


“I Want You Babe”,

“In Love”,

“Magic Lantern”,

“Schoolgirl”, and

“What About The Music”.

Additionally, two of the songs released on the first Uriah Heep album were recorded by the Spice line-up before Hensley’s inclusion, with Colin Wood appearing on keyboards (“Come Away Melinda” and “Wake Up (Set Your Sights)”).

I have the lead guitarist Mick Box as a friend on Facebook so I am able to keep up with their gigging, which at the moment is mostly in Europe. 

For more of their history then please visit. –   [official website]

thank-you87_thumb.jpg Brocksss


Welcome to Brocks Music Shed.[BMS]


Thursday 15th August 2013.

Hey Man, Drop in For Jam!

A year ago this site started under a different name and has been redesigned, but music is still the foundation.


New Face, New Name, But the music is still ..

Number 1…

All my life music has been a part of me. Most of the time I took it for granted, and accepted and enjoyed it for what it was. All styles are to my liking I am a person with an open mind. If my ears like what I hear, and my mind absorbs the sounds then I become part of the sounds. It matters not what the genre, whether it jazz, blues, musicals, pop I was  happy within myself. As I developed I did start to have preferences, but this did not affect my music limitations.

 Just before my sixteenth birthday I took up the guitar, and it engulfed me. I had a fabulous time playing, learning and discovering a whole new world. As I progressed and my ability and understanding became very proficient, I wanted more, strumming and picking in my bedroom was not enough. I decided to venture out and try to meet new people, and to play in public.  Instead of learning how to play everyone else’s music, although I learnt some, I preferred to write my own. I was already writing poetry and lyrics, so I thought I was on a head start.

This blog has been ignored by me  for far too long, I think it has a lot to offer, a variety light-hearted and loving music. In fact any style one wishes to hear or request. I was not sure as to what to do with it, and this is why  I have left it dormant trying to think of a new life or new line for it. But really, after great deal of thought  I realised there is no real way of doing this, because music is the foundation of this site, and of course people lives, and since its birth I have noticed others popping up, doing similar. So maybe a trend it has started with this initial fabulous idea. 

So today it is just like a new beginning.

Do you ever listen to the radio or a disco or go to gig and here songs that originally meant nothing, but as the years passed and you hear it again, it suddenly tugs those memory strings. Like me for example, a few years ago I saw Hermans Hermits, they meant nothing to me in their hey day, poppy commercial chart rubbish, we all use to say, but seeing and hearing them they suddenly ignited nice and beautiful memories from the day. I also even said they were very good.

Any suggestions or advice or requests please us here at Brocks know.



 Hippy Gerry.  Brocksss