New Widget – Added Approach


4th February 2013 Monday

We here at cyklopps12.jpg have just designed a new Widget Icon, to advertise the era of which we are promoting in music, and stories from that period. This era was also known as love decade and peace marches and many songs of peace and anti-war were a very popular topic for this period.

We are wanting and promoting people’s music and memories,, so if any of you would like to tell us about a story or incident, whatever you wish and relate it to music. Particular artist or song. We will be happy to make a post out of it for you, and publicise your own Blog at the same time. Also the other part of our service we are offering to you our loyal followers or new followers. We will always welcome new followers. Is if you are struggling on a particular song or artist and want to find out info on them, song or artist, with your info that you give us we will research it for you and see if we reach a suitable conclusion to your memory or request. We all have some hidden or forgotten memory that just needs a prompt to bring it to the front of your memory banks. Tell us what you know and we will endeavor to find for you.


Above is our new widget which can be found in out sidebar or in the page titled Widgets and Icons. You can if you wish use them, take them and help us promote this feel good factor.. So come on guys you must have some story to tell, and relate a beautiful music to it. Let us know and we will promote here for you..


I hope theย  music on here has given you an insight to our intentions good old-fashioned quality music. No matter to styles genre,, ranging from pop to blues, to Jazz to Rock and Roll.. it is your choice my friends so please support and send us your requests or stories.

Hippie G


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    • We do our best to be a little original,, but it is you guys and your stories and music choice that make the music so good..So Vicky are you sending us a story and music to make it better..;)

      • Oh, I don’t know about a story, but two tunes from the early 70’s remind me of The Sailors Arms, a bar in Newquay, Cornwall. It was (probably still is) a surfers paradise, flip flops, beads and the air heavy with Patchouli oil.
        They are: Angie (Stones) and Layla (Eric Clapton, or should I say Derek and the Dominos)

  1. You do such a “Far-out” job with he graphics for our blogs. And the music I have no need for words. You know.
    Great addition My Kind Partner [sir].
    You make me proud to wok with you and that you call me friend. ~

  2. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Should you accept, please follow the link below. I enjoy visiting your blog and listening to the music. Thank you!

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