Hippies the Real Deal.


Tuesday 27th November 2012

CyKlopps req

Just for the music..

This news of Mathew Southern Comfort is what inspired this simple piece of memory blasting. I am not going to do any info on any because we have already used CSN, and there is no need for anything on the other Video. Just asking you all to enjoy them for their ย part in the history of music and the hippy era.

I heard on our news today that Mathews Southern Comfort are reforming or have just reformed.

Mathews Southern Comfort..

Woodstock Hippies...

Crosby,Stills and Nash...


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  1. Nice one Partner! For so many reasons your choice and timing is perfect.My Kindest Sir. We have talked the Woodstock (& Portland’s Vortex enough) but I will add I believe this to be some of the best music ever performed, recorded & produced is from this rock festival .One big happy Jam~

  2. You must have read my mind, I’ve been racking my brain for a record request, this is one that came into my thoughts……..and here it is, already posted. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Great record !!

    • Thank you Vicky, but feel free to put another one from your memoirs of music, I would be happy to do any thing and search for any strange or forgotten music. Thank you and always welcome..;)

      • Keep a watch then and as one says watch this this space, and this will be our honour for you. I loved these as well. thank you. We do have a couple of requests, but it will be done.. thanks…;)

  3. I was too young during Woodstock, but it happened just about 2 hours from where I lived.

    The music of that time was so wonderful. I never used drugs (except alcohol), and appreciate the music without the high that all these kids had while listening out in those muddy fields.

    Did you know that local farmers’ families brought peanut butter and jelly sandwiches by the hundreds to the attendees just to keep them from going hungry? It wasn’t the most well-organized social phenomenon! There’s a great documentary on Woodstock and the young guys who organized it. I found it on Netflix.

    • I have seen the Woodstock movie all about the music and the organisation, and yes it was one of the worst organised festivals, but all that followed took this as a template. Our Isle of Wight ones were done in the same vein as Woodstock, but were better organised. I do not know the one on Netflix is the same, but our BBC has been showing one regularly. I think drugs could be a downfall on some music. yet it made some music sound good even though it wasn’t. Lorna thank you so much for your visit..:)

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