The Incredible String Band.(Request)


22nd November 2012. Thursday

For Steve at Bumba,,,  Bumba   A worth while visit for another very knowledgeable and interesting music site.

Steve please enjoy and thank you for joining in this fun project.   I think their Album art alone is worth the visit.

Ducks on a Pond.

Track 3 from the Incredible String Band’s BBC Radio Night Ride Session 6th March 1968

The Incredible String Band 

(sometimes abbreviated as ISB) were a psychedelic folk band formed in Scotland in 1966. The band built a considerable following, especially within the British counterculture, before splitting up in 1974. The group’s members are musical pioneers in psych folk and, by integrating a wide variety of traditional music forms and instruments, in the development of world music. The group reformed in 1999 and continued to perform until 2006.

Background information
Origin Edinburgh / Glasgow, Scotland
Genres Psychedelic folk
World music
Years active 1966–1974
Labels Elektra Records (1966–70)
Island Records (1971–74)
Associated acts Robin Williamson
Mike Heron
Clive Palmer
Past members
Robin Williamson
Mike Heron
Clive Palmer
Christina “Licorice” McKechnie
Rose Simpson
Malcolm Le Maistre
Gerard Dott
Stan Schnier
Jack Ingram
Graham Forbes
John Gilston
Bina Williamson
Lawson Dando
Claire “Fluff” Smith

The Story of the Incredible String Band.. The following excerpt from the web site please click link for more.

The short biography taken from Making Time. A longer version will be added in due course.

One of the more unusual groups to come out of Britain in the 1960’s, the Incredible String Band were highly influential in their day with the likes of Robert Plant and the Rolling Stones citing them as references. The String Band is one of those groups that are very difficult to categorize   sometimes described as psychedelic folk music, they were certainly an early exponent of World Music in the UK. 

The group came together in the mid-1960’s. Clive and Robin had been playing together at Clive’s Incredible Folk Club, a small folk club in Saucihall Street in Glasgow. They built up quite a following including Billy Connolly and Mike Heron, who later joined on guitar. They were a trio when Joe Boyd visited the club having heard about the band. He signed them to Elektra and they completed their first album, The Incredible String Band released in 1966. This showcased the fine writing talents of the three members and already showed, to a small extent, that they were moving beyond the usual folk style. Robin’s October Song from this album has become a classic and is highly rated by Bob Dylan.  

(For more info click link to the web site and enjoy)  This is a specialist web site to ISB and related artists. Well worth a visit.


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  1. Reminds me – slightly of Lindisfarne – with the string sound. Lindis had mandolin as a key feature of course. When you run out of requests – We can swing together would be a good one please. Ironically, the words echo those in the half remarkable question.

    Interesting band and well worth a post. Thanks to Steve at Bumba for highlighting them.

      • Sort of Ride A White Swan and before yes? I’ve got an early LP of theirs. Don’t start me on T Rex!! I’d have a list a mile high 😀 ‘Twould be a good post though, with his story, car crash, not driving, using cars in his songs, Get it on and hub cap diamond star halo come to mind first (well prob my fave TR song). Anyway, I’m sure you can make a TR post out of something. I still want my Aussie band to be featured too 🙂

      • Well roughseas, we will see what we can do, just please give us a reminder so as to keep us on our toes. I am thinking just Bolan and Taupin duo. I have and LP of theirs called Unicorn.

      • Oh thanks for that T Rex link. I don’t have their earlier LPs, just T Rex and Electric Warrior. I do like the sound though, it’s so distinctive and I think he was a talented musician.

      • Thanks again, I must admit they grew on me, and yes he was talented, I did not like his commercial ventures though. It is Unicorn I have did have the one you mention but I lent it to someone and never seen it again.:)

      • After Electric Warrior, well after Get It On, basically, I lost interest. I guess I liked the middle period best, but liked the earlier sound too, like the link you posted. strange guy 😀

  2. Finding this the most unusual requested tune so far. Stephen pulled an odd one out of his hat and I am glad he did.
    Gerry, such great work My Kind Partner,

    I find that the lyrics are what makes the Ducks on a Pond sing work. The typical Scotch-Irish folk tale
    Different vocal styles making them easy to name that artist in two notes

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