Another Roughseas-Request


16th November 2012

My Notes…Enjoy please…

PS. roughseas if you want a copy of this song or vid i can pass it to you.

Hey roughseas you ask me for this song and I was not going to let it beat me. I managed to find the song, but not a video, so to get over this I managed to find a place that allowed me to download it, and then to enable me to put it on my site I made the music into a video and uploaded it to You Tube and then do the normal thing to get it onto my CyKlopps site. Roughseas I really hope you enjoy this song and of course the simple pictures into video. This song comes off the Album called ‘Mighty Garvey’   The song I use is from BBC pick of the pops.     Thank you roughseas enjoyed this challenge

Manfred Mann….brief notes.

The Mann-Hugg Blues Brothers were formed in London by keyboard player Manfred Mann and drummer/vibes/piano player Mike Hugg,  who formed a house band in Clacton-on-Sea that also featured Graham Bond. Bringing a shared love of jazz to the British blues boom, then sweeping London’s clubs (which also spawned Alexis Korner, The Rolling Stones and The Yardbirds), the band was completed by Mike Vickers on guitaralto saxophone and flutebassist Dave Richmond and Paul Jones as lead vocalist and harmonicist. By this time they had changed their name to Manfred Mann & The Manfreds. Gigging throughout late 1962 and early 1963 the band soon attracted attention for their distinctive sound.

After changing their name to Manfred Mann at the behest of their label’s producer John Burgess, the group signed with His Master’s Voice in March 1963 and began their recorded output that July with the slow, bluesy instrumental single “Why Should We Not?”  It failed to chart, as did its follow-up (with vocals), “Cock-a-Hoop.” The overdubbed instrumental soloing on woodwinds, vibes, harmonica and second keyboard lent considerable weight to the group’s sound and demonstrated the jazz-inspired technical prowess in which they took pride.

After doing this post I have to say I learnt something, one note is the amount of players he had and one especially by the name of Jack Bruce, ex Cream, actually before Cream. Thank you roughseas enjoyed this challenge

File:Manfred Mann.jpg

Kiki Dee…

Kiki Dee is the stage name of Pauline Matthews (born 6 March 1947, Little HortonBradfordWest Riding of Yorkshire, England), an English singer with a career spanning more than 40 years.

She is best known for her 1976 duet with Elton John, entitled “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart“, which went to Number 1 both in the UK Singles Chartand the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart. In 1993 she performed another duet with Elton John for his Duets album, a cover version of Cole Porter‘s “True Love“, which reached #2 in the UK.


In the 1970’s,  Kiki was in a long-term relationship with Elton John’s guitarist Davey Johnstone.  When the relationship ended, it took her a long time to get over the loss. She has never married and has never had children. In 1991, Kiki was diagnosed with uterine cancer. After surgery and radiation treatments, Dee seems to have beaten the disease. She currently lives in a cottage in Hertfordshire.


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  1. Really a brilliant job Gerry! Great biographical info, you were thorough. The trivia about Jack Bruce was enlightening, always a favorite bassist of mine.

    I had no knowledge of Kiki Dee before. She has perfect voice, so smooth, silk could be spun from it.,
    Can I say that creating your own video for this request is quite impressive My kind Sir? Bravo You!

    • Thank you my lady,so happy you liked, and yes Kiki Dee was quite a name her day, but never seemed to get into the real big star status, even after her duet with Elton John. always welcome partner..;)

      • Gerry a favor please? I see that I have a typo… Jack Bruce as Brice, I just noticed. Because of who he is and his connection to Epic’s; history would you mind changing it? I am unable to edit. At your convenience please my Kind Sir.

      • Done and thank you for noticing and wanting the change, shows respect for such a great artist,, My lady thanks so much for your support and great posts as well. 😉

  2. Wow, more memories.
    You really do go that extra mile to provide requests 🙂 Excellent job!
    There are so many songs that lie buried in the depths of mind, but that is exactly where they stay until I see/hear them on here.
    I must try to dig one from the depths 🙂

    • Thank you Vicky, We are delighted you like…. we try ro do something through and different. As you noticed that Gerry really knocked it out of the ball park on this request. So we’d like you to dig deep, find a memory, and we will do our best to fulfill a request for you. In the mean time keep coming back, we play good music, and we sincerely appreciate your support ~

  3. Gerry that is a fantastic effort, thank you so much for taking the trouble to search that one out and put it together so well. Really enjoyed it, I even did the washing up faster than normal while listening to it. I wouldn’t have recognised it as the same song because of the difference in tempo, I particularly liked the instrumental bit mid-way through which sounded quite lyrical.

    I also like Kiki Dee, that was a great song and a strong performance by her. Reminds a bit in music and looks of Chrissie Hind. (I think Kiki may have been on my original list of Yks musicians was she not?)

    Anyway, I have another request but I see you have some via BB’s blog to work on, so I will wait until you need another new project. It will be like the Earth Band one, it’s something I’ve not found on youtube, although I do have it on CD. I know something about this band – so I will be checking your trivia very carefully 😀 That is for later however…

    • Thank you roughseas, so glad you appreciate the work and song, I got so much satisfaction from this challenge. I have already said I love these challenges, no matter how small. thank you roughseas and look forward to more… pass the word.. thank you 😉

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