Now Taking Your Requests


Come on everybody!

Any or all takers lets us know your requests and we shall do it for you. Doesn’t matter what you want, we will find for you.

Looking for that lost Rock n Roll song you last heard when you were in your teens, 20’s, 30’s, or..?  Can’t remember a favorite tune’s title, songwriter, or even lyrics? A current event from any era?  Trivia? Challenge us, I dare you.

Just want to hear a special song  or know when it was released, some biography on who played rhythm, lead, or drums on a particular version of a tune? Now you cam request it!  How about the concert tour you are looking for? Anything you want to know about the era and music of the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s?  Brocks Music Shed will search for you and then in your request’s honor we will post the results right here where you left your request.

A slight amendment as from August 2013, this site has changed name, and is now doing music of all forms and all years. Ranging from as already mentioned, but now it includes folk, jazz, children’s, humorous, in fact any style that is deemed fit for posting. So come on people start showing us what you have. What you like and want to listen to.

Let us at Brocks Music Shed be your resource, let us find it for you.

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