Stealing a Day Away ” Its All Too Beautiful ……”


‘We all have certain songs that will take us away, take us to another place in time  It is these times that music often does its most rewarding thing for us. Releasing emotion, and healing. Two extremely powerful aspects of life needed to sustain our well-being.

Keeping in my love for all British Rock n Roll bands this particular tune takes me back to days in 1968, reminding me of times when heading for the park or in my case the river was all a about the spiritual and mental health break of it all. Sometimes getting away from all that zaps us physically, mentally, emotionally,  and spiritually becomes an over load on all circuits.  It is that it that refueling at a favorite place where you and Mother Nature can be together stealing a way day together,… A beautiful day at the park…

…You chooses your park.. I’ll choose mine.  But today we’ll hang out in mine…will be will be where the Small Faces have been….

  Itchycoo Park, by Small Faces – 1968

The Small Faces were an English rock and roll band from east London, heavily influenced by what was termed the American rhythm and blues sounds. The group was founded in 1965 by members Steve Marriott, Ronnie Lane, Kenney Jones, and Jimmy Winston, although by 1966 Winston was replaced by Ian McLagan as the band’s keyboardist. Rod Stewart also did some time gigging with the Faces in his early studio sessions days.

The hairy seeds from the Rose hip (or wild Dog Rose) were called “Itchycoos” by English children in the 1950s. The seeds could be broken out of the berry and dropped down someone’s collar between shirt and back to cause itching


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  1. its all too beautiful – takes me back to a wonderful time in my mind–when life was new and exciting and hard and wonderful — a time when we thought it was possible to touch the sky–sometimes I still think it is–thanks for this

    • Oh Lou I believe it is still possible, If not where would hopes go? I have this belief that if we put all our focus and attention to believeing all things possible, we will attract those very things. How could God & the Universe deny a belief like this?
      Keep yours alive too my sweet friend~ All things possoible in love.

      You are so very welcome ~

    • Hello Ruth! So good to see your comment today my blogging friend~ You are a peach of a friend for being so loyal .Thank you for this.
      I will be by your place (blog) soon, I have neen neglectful.

      Thanks coming by my friend~means so much to me

  2. And my lady did you also know that they have just reformed and do tours with Mick Hucknall as lead singer instead of Rod Stewart. Nice one partner, I dont know why I am not getting alerts for these posts..

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