Flower Power Was It?


3rd August 2102

The 1965  year was a grand year for the hippie movement. Although the Flower power originated in Berkeley, California, USA. But quickly took hold here in the UK. It did not seem right or the same for us in the UK to be involved in this movement. It just looked false to me. But it was taken a little more serious by the women of the era. It did not look quite so silly, if you like for better words, for a woman to have flowers in their hair as it did the men. don’t get me wrong though man, the men did put flowers in their hair, just not so many of us.

This song was to me what the era was all about. It just takes me back to those sunny days, crashing out on the grass, on the river bank, with a group of us. Girlfriends hand in yours, with their flowy colourful  wrap around skirts, billowing in the breeze. Guitars in hand and eventually settling on bank and everyone playing or singing. Making music. Some might not have called it music, but we did, and is still being played today.

 This image sums up the American movement. A really beautiful and powerful image. I remember images very similar to this, when protest groups were being confronted by the military.

And a completely different musical view from my particular tastes. But is there a particular song that rings your bell.

And now a Blast from my side of the pond. My particular group and circle of friends were not actually Beatles fans, at least not until Sgt Peppers was released and all sorts of accusations started flying by media.


We have got one person with a story to tell, so watch this space. But still want more of you out there that has got a little story or music memory that we could all share.

 Can you dig it man, come on join with our Jam.


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  1. OK I’ll play, but it will be a short tale. That was a great compilation of the sixties, if it had been a quiz I would probably have got around 85/90% I reckon. Sang along happily. But Neil Diamond and Brother Love’s Travelling Show? So early? Maybe, great voice and love that song.

    Little Roughseas’ first memory of a concert was in Bridlington (Yorkshire). I think it was at the floral hall or pavilion or something (it wasn’t the spa which was the other concert venue). I have no idea why my parents decided to go and watch a pop group but they did.

    There were wide aisles and lots of room in the seats. Which was a good thing, as I happily stomped and stamped away to Bits and Pieces by Dave Clark Five, my little pony tail shaking in time to the music and the rhythm. Aged five?

    I still have the single. I can find a pony tail pic of little Roughseas. And in reference to your post and music you chose for the ’60s, apparently Glad All Over (it was a double A side) knocked ‘I want to hold your hand’ off number one.

    (I’ve got I want to hold your hand and numerous other Beatles singles too 🙂 )

  2. Oh My take me down memory lane, Just Imagine!

    This baroness still wears flowers in her heair, maybe I never left the movement complety. Only complying with the establishment as I had to. It’s a time in my heart forever that I believed changed the world. The civil-rights movement into peace, love not war, and sit -ins.

    The tears of nostalgia are drying up as I leave, only to come back and trip along with you all again.

    This is really Far-Out Man! ~ BB

    • Another story, and nostalgia is great… You in America had it far better than us, but all in different ways and reasons.. love it, get your memory going and pen writing….do some more.. 😉 I really dig it man……

    • Of cousre I don’t mind Gemma, this is what I am hoping for, I can do a post with your like and story with your site address. Everyone has a story, no matter how short. So Gemma look out for this one to be included shortly… pass the word, need more stories and participants.. thanks so much..;)

    • Lenard Cohen, ah yes the sultry poet with a guitar, watch this space because they could be a future post, unless of course you have a story you would like tell and get it posted….;) hey man you know can jam..;0

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