Woodstock. 1969


2nd August 2012

Okay so I’ll get us all started with the subject of…


Now, just a quick line to say, I could like many of you fill this page with many facts and pictures of this great past event. But the whole intention is to for you remember the time and recall your own personal memories of these 3 days of beautiful music man, did you go, did you follow it or did you have a local event to follow beside it in recognition of local musicians…

C’mon man speak up and drop in to drop out, drop out.


Way back in 1969, personal computers were still way off in the future. It would be another 30 years before the Internet would come into its own as an easily accessible information source. Suddenly, the history of Woodstock — previously found only in books, photos, newspaper archives, vinyl records, and films — was as close as a key click.

Here’s my first post on Woodstock.


Janis Joplin  (click the link for video)


Janis Joplin is a good start to this, she was probably the original hippie. Like or loathe her she is perfect  for our lawn and  she is my first guest.

15th – 18th August 1969 Woodstock Music festival, it was held at Matt Yasgur’s 600 acre milk farm. There were approximately 500,000 people who attended this and there were 32 acts playing over this period. Were you there in the audience. Let us know a story.

I am from England and was not able to get there, but I believe many from our land did attend.  It was more for the American followers, while we on these shores had the Isle of Wight festival. Another topic for another day.

The event was captured in the 1970 documentary movie Woodstock, an accompanying soundtrack album, and Joni Mitchell‘s song “Woodstock“, which commemorated the event and became a major hit for Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.



Now come on if you have any stories that you would like include do not hesitate to participate.

Lets all get to do some head banging and hair swishing.


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  1. This is such an awesome post Gee Hippie friend of mine. I was not able to go either, this was the summer of my Freshman year in high school. zOh my, to be so young.

    In Portland Oregon the govenor of Oregon at the Tom McCall chose to head off steam in downwtown Portland by a music festival Called Vortex I. There had been planned for some tie an Ameriican Legion’s convention and the worry by Tom McCall was that there would be such protests by the non=conformists, the hippies. A festival clear on the other side of the county, in another county Claclamas County where I was from called Vurtex was the solution. Taking thousands of people who might otherwise put themselves out there for protestations, (maybe my new word)


    Local musicians from four surrounding states heard the call. They filled McIver Park with thousands and thousands of people ready to party and listen to good music. To take the ideas that they protested to be set aside for another day. Just as Tom McCall visioned. It was a master show of hand by our favorite late govenor. it was more than a complete success. The bands were all there and their music (mostly) was so very groovey!

    It was one of the most marvelous weekends of my life, and the most exhilterating of my young teens years. which had begun to be a passion of mine even younger then I was then.
    I met more band mates than I’d even seen in my young life, heard more local music, I don’t think we hardl;y slept that whole weekend, it was really about peace, love, and freedom. I was up on the shoulders of almost anyone who let me just so I could see the stage. I was barely 4 foot eleven inches back then.
    35, 000 people and No on treated us any different, my girlfriend and I. It did not seem to matter to anyone that we had a shared experience with that we were in our teens. We thought that just so FAROUT!

    Come Monday and Tuesday morning back at school after that weekend there was still not much news out about Vortex. The papers and evening news were not brimming yet with the news of people swimming in the river in the nude,the amount of people that had descended upon the festival were taxing tthe supplies and the people in charge, the open drugs being used, one night relationships, all that goes “with those wild crazy long haired hippies) The rumurs had not begun yet forming. But they would.

    I’m glad even to this day I was able to be part of it. It was an important time in my young mind forming allegiances with my government. It impressed me then and still does today that this was an idea that everytone in the govenors life told him would be a failure. How wrong they were..Not to minimize the effects that were left at the end of that week of Vortex the worst things that the press could report were that the park itself could have been cleaned up better, and the kids that went endured a few others who were stupid enough to try drugs they had no business trying and overdoses. That’s it!

    Myself, I never saw any of the above. I only saw the bands, the music, the light shows on the stage the two nights I was there. I met musicians that brought me my firsy back-up vocals gig, and forged friendships that are lasting today.
    I’m thankful our parents were not quick to judge, and taht they had not heard any of the rumors and truth that would inspire a parent tp deny their child permission to attend.

    I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat!

    Thanks my old hippie friend for a walk down memory lane, it’s been sometime that I have thought of that weekend back all the way back in 1970.
    We were so young then.~ BB

    • Hey BB, that is certainly a grand story, to get this rolling. Would you mind if I pasted it into a main post with a little edit and add a picture or two. I will think of a nice title….

      • That’s be great G! I did not want to take up your comment area with images but think it would be a wonderful addition. So rock on my friend.I’d love to see you add it to the main post.

        Shining on~ BB

    • Do you want to include a short story or memory of the day. would be great to post different stories from around the world.. thank you for stopping by. Always looking forward…

      • I wish I could but, I was a child back then and living in another country; on another continent. All my memories of the era are from videos, magazines and such that I read about America… But it’s a fascinating period in American history; a time when many young people enjoyed being “free.” 🙂

    • Just like my wife, I was a hippie and she was punk, nice pairing.. but if there is a story from a later era it would still be welcome, and thank you for the comment and follow. hope you will enjoy…

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